November 2017

Remy Martin, Louis XIII experience – the life of a distiller…

We were invited to visit Rémy Martin at Cognac.

It was a grand experience. A lot of amazing moments were prepared for us. But “le moment suprême” was certainly the tasting of the famous LOUIS XIII ! We could exclusively fill the pipet right out of the cask and let it flow into our pretty cognac glass. You can imagine ? 100Years old, 1200 distilled spirits in one soft-fine-exquisite-silky Cognac.

But who was it that made it possible for us to get that wonderful silk-angel over our tongue?

We met the distiller of the spirit with an inspiring story! Listen…

JM works with Rémy Martin for over thirty years. Incredible we can say, for this is not unusual in this international firm! The representor, who is our guide on this trip, also works there for over thirty years!

You can really feel and see that JM is bitten by his job. The yeast of this year – 2017 – wasn’t big. So his work will take an end at the beginning of December, which is very early. Normally his equip stays at the distillery 24/24 from September until March. They have some time to fresh up but they are reachable the whole day and night to watch over their little baby’s : the distillation machines. They have to keep a severe eye on the strength of the alcohol percentage. The “cutting” of the distillation process  with (neutral) water to maintain a certain alcohol level, is effecting a marvellous fine smell as it was perfume.  

Birthdays, Christmas Eve, New Year, anything that must be celebrated happens in the distillery. The family can come over and be with their husbands, but the husbands can leave in the middle of the joy to see their greatest joy… the cognac who is getting to be ….

JM wonders about what he should do when the job is finished early in December. He is not looking forward to those days without work, to those days not to be spend in de distillery.

You now, you can feel this spirit while tasting the cognac.

Anybody who is planning to go to Cognac will be amazed by the old part of the town. (the very old part of the town!) For us it was like having a walk in the middle age.

So charming! As was our whole visit at Remy Martin!

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